Have a tough, shady, and maybe even soggy spot in a particular area of your yard and don’t know what to grow? Would you like to incorporate edibles into your landscape, but don’t know how to get started or what time of year to plant? An urbanEQ consultant will review your site, assess your property, needs, and wants, and provide recommendations for achieving your goals; including a list of potential species and recommendations for plantings.

.landscape design.

Whether your existing yard needs to be upgraded or you’re starting from scratch in a new home, an urbanEQ landscape design will provide you with the best beginning for your future outdoor paradise. The process starts with an initial designer-client consultation, followed by analysis and measurement of the site, and a detailed assessment of the landscape requirements, and the client’s wants and needs. A landscape conceptual plan is presented next, giving the client an opportunity to give feedback & communicate any new changes or thoughts to the beginning phases. Finally, a landscape master plan, planting plan & legend, and site details (if needed) are created to ensure the client is prepared to start the next phase, hiring a landscape contractor.

.plant inventory design package.

Do you have an established designed yard and want to learn more about what the plants in are and how to care for them? An urbanEQ plant inventory design package catalogs and plots each plant in your landscape. In addition, a detailed plant list, aspects of each plant species, and their pruning & care requirements will be provided.

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